Bentley Continental GT

It’s a car for gangsters and footballers isn’t it? This is what almost everyone who has seen this car has said about it. Well at least before they have driven it.

After a few days, actually hours with this car it really gets under your skin in a few different ways.

The quality is something fans of Bentleys talk about a lot but it appears there is very good reason. No fake wood, metals or leather here this car is the real thing. Comfortable and luxurious.

The power doesn’t come as a surprise but it’s this huge and heavy car definitely goes in a way you wouldn’t expect. The engine note is always in the background but not intrusive, just purposeful.

The comfort makes long journeys a pleasure. With infinitely adjustable massaging seats, double glazing and room for four you can really cover some ground in this car.

So, put your preconceptions to one side and give it a try but remember this is not a small (or economical) car to run but certainly ensures you are seen!


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