Pro-Tec Defender

The Land Rover Defender 110 is a Modern Classic in a different sense of the word. This car is one of the most iconic cars in motoring history and something that is genuinely appreciated by people world wide. This one, as you can see has stunning Java Black paint work and a few tasteful modifications such as its massive wheels and tyres.

In November 2017 this car went through a bit of a transformation and is now a VERY different car to drive. We made some sensible modifications to the Land Rover in a bid to make it a more comfortable, quiet, refined and powerful road car whilst still retaining some of the off road prowess and go anywhere good looks.

The changes we made were substantial and are as follows;

Uprated turbo and intercooler for smoother power delivery and increased torque for motorway ability

Modified gearing, cooling, injectors, intake and exhaust, and brakes/ suspension

Completely new interior including sound deadening, carpets, leather seats, centre console, sat nav and stereo and a few other luxury additions.

Uprated LED headlights, spotlights, side steps and of course more road biased shock absorbers.

The Defender is now the type of car that we can all enjoy driving rather than put up with its quirks. It’s a usable and comfortable member of the fleet rather than something that has the looks but not the performance!


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