OverFinch Range Rover

The Overfinch Aero GT makes a statement wherever it goes. Compared with a standard Range Rover the Overfinch appears to be a lot bigger and bolder. The reality is that it is the same size car with the exact same engine as the standard car it is based on, which is no bad thing.

Overfinch historically used to squeeze massive American V8’s in to Range Rovers and therefore hugely increase the power and performance whilst paying little attention to comfort and aesthetics. These days it is the opposite, Overfinch leave the engine and mechanicals alone and concentrate making bespoke vehicles which stand out for their unique trim.

The starting point for an Overfinch is the exterior where modified body styling is fitted, along with larger wheels, different lights, badges, tail pipes and spoilers. You can leave it there or, as many do, go to town on the interior and build quite a price tag on the way. The changes to our Overfinch are limited to the exterior leaving the beautifully finished Range Rover interior as it was when it left the factory which, we are sure you will agree is a very nice place to be.

So, gangster, footballer or just someone who likes to be different and stand out from the crowd? You decide.

This car is not available.


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