Porsche 997 C4S

The Porsche 997 C4S is one of the greatest drivers cars of all time! A bold statement we know but this has to be taken in context. Not only is this a usable, reliable, comfortable and sophisticated car but it is ALSO a Porsche 911! As Porsche have developed the 911 over the decades it has been in production it has got better and better. Many purists will mourn the loss of the air cooled engine and, to be honest the 993 is a very hard car to beat but, to live with on a daily basis and still put a smile on your face with every drive the 997 is surely the car to have?

It still looks reassuringly expensive and most people will assume it is unaffordable and who is going to tell them otherwise, after all it’s a 911.

If you are reading this then we are sure you are of the mentality that a car is meant to be driven not used to show off with and so, if you have never tried one isn’t it about time you treated yourself to something a bit special?

Class: Coupe
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual
Max passengers: 2
Engine capacity: 3.8
Doors: 2
Minimal driver age: 25
Price from: 102 GBP / day
Deposit: 2,000 GBP
Mileage: 100 Mi
Additional information
  • 4x4
  • Price Group C
  • Sat Nav


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