Porsche Boxster S

They are for girls and hairdressers! Something we hear all the time and to be honest your insinuations could not be further from the truth. Of course, girls and hairdressers will love this car too but we, as well as many other car lovers rate the Boxster above most of the other cars in the club as a driver’s car.

The moral of the story is, unless you have driven it you have no right to comment. This is a real analogue, manual, perfectly balanced, no distractions driver’s car. We are not generally fans of convertibles but this, the SL55 and MX5 are exceptions as they were designed to be convertible and therefore are not compromised by the lack of roof.

Jump in, go for a drive and we challenge you to come back without a smile on your face. This is driving as it is supposed to be, a great engine, balanced chassis, manual gearbox and not much else. Nice….


Porsche Boxster S

Class: Convertible
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual
Max passengers: 2
Minimal driver age: 25
Price from: 64 GBP / day
Deposit: 2,000 GBP
Mileage: 100 Mi
Additional information
  • Blue tooth
  • Price Group B



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