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3 months ago News

Going….Going……nearly GONE

Late last year we announced that Modern Classics Car Club was releasing 50 more founding memberships.

These are available to our members, followers, and friends of members but are STRICTLY limited to 50.

There are now just a handful of these left so be quick so you don’t miss one of the greatest deals in automotive history!!

They are an incredible deal. Here’s what you get for a £3500 one off payment:

  • £1000 credit towards rentals every year for as long as you are a member
  • 1 share in the club i.e. you own part of the company
  • 50% discount on rentals after your credit has run out
  • Access to our very cool selection of cars
  • Invitations to our events such as road trips in the UK and Europe
  • Discount off car servicing at our soon to be opened service centre 
  • Car sourcing. If you are looking for a car we will take out all the hassle and save you some money too

As most of you will know from seeing our cars being used by current founding members, this represents probably one of the best deals ever when it comes to renting cool cars.

Cars are also now available in the North and South with Scotland coming soon and so, no matter where you live or where you are flying in to we are never too far away.

Most of these memberships are now gone so, if you were thinking about it please don’t wait too long. Complete the form below to register your interest.


6 months ago News

New Founding memberships

We are really pleased to announce that Modern Classics Car Club is releasing 50 more founding memberships.

These are available to our members, followers, and friends of members but are STRICTLY limited to 50.

These are an incredible deal. Here’s what you get for a £3500 one off payment:

  • £1000 credit towards rentals every year for as long as you are a member
  • 1 share in the club
  • 50% discount on rentals after your credit has run out
  • Access to our very cool selection of cars
  • Invitations to our events such as road trips in the UK and Europe
  • Discount off car servicing at our soon to be opened service centre 
  • Car sourcing. If you are looking for a car we will take out all the hassle and save you some money too

As most of you will know from seeing our cars being used by current founding members, these represent probably one of the best deals ever when it comes to renting cool cars.

Cars are also now available in the North and South and so, no matter where you live or where you are flying in to we are never too far away.

If you are interested and, to be honest who wouldn’t be complete the form below to register your interest. We will be sending out contracts and taking payment in November as we expect all these memberships to be gone in a couple of weeks.

These memberships are available on a strictly first come first served basis and once they are gone, the offer won’t be repeated.


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Autonomous cars – the future is coming

As society changes the car industry follows suit and, where possible, offers something to the world that turns how we interact with not only our daily driver, but the idea of travel, entirely on its head.

Now we love a combustion engine and being connected to the drive, that is why we have some of the best driving cars on the planet in our fleet but there is no doubt the world of car travel is changing and it is important to keep up with what is happening.

That is what Volvo are striving to do with their latest announcement. The manufacturer that gifted the seatbelt to the world, are synonymous with safety and can boast that not one fatality has ever been recorded in their SUV (the XC90) in 16 years are once again shaking up the industry.

The 360c is Volvos vision of what autonomous travel could and should look like. With absolutely no driver the 360c challenges the current concept of travel, city planning, infrastructure and how human beings impact the environment around us.

As a completely driverless vehicle, Volvo say the 360c can offer a range of services and uses to people who choose to travel within it’s beautifully crafted body. By removing the traditional combustion engine, rows of seats and the steering wheel, it allows the space to be used in a plethora of ways previously unimaginable. Essentially Volvo have delivered the possibility of having a travelling office, entertainment space and even sleeping area all on four wheels. Passengers can get on with whatever they like in comfort and safety while the car drifts along taking care of getting you from A to B.

Volvo wouldn’t be Volvo without chucking in a huge amount of safety and they say that the 360c will set the standard on how the future world of autonomous vehicles will safely communicate with each other and whatever else is sharing the road.

It all sounds very interesting and opens the doors to changing how we interpret travel, with short haul flights firmly in the sights of Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO of Volvo Cars “The business will change in the coming years, and Volvo should lead that change of our industry. Autonomous drive will allow us to take the next big step in safety, but also open up exciting new business models and allow consumers to spend time in the car doing what they want to do.”

With 740 million people in the US alone making short haul flights, Volvo think these travellers are a prime segment of the market who would benefit from the kind of service the 360c offers and they may well be on to something.

It was only a matter of time before Volvo entered the world of autonomous travel and time will tell just how much of an impact the 360c conversation will have on the industry as a whole but it is a very strong start.

What would you rather? Travel to the airport and go through the process of jumping on a plane to travel 3-400km or jump into the Volvo and zip there on a cloud of Swedish safety and comfort?

Of course…you could just stick to being in control and choose a good old Porsche 911…what do you think?

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The perfect spec

When it comes to buying a car for the pure pleasure of driving spec is something that often becomes the subject of heated debate. The reason for this is due to things a lot of people believe to be essential on a modern car which were never available on the arguably more engaging, analogue drivers cars of a few years ago. So, in the real world should you spend money on Spec when the car is for the simple pleasure of going for a drive?

Let’s take a Golf GTi as our first example. My first GTi was a 1988 MKII and I loved it more than anything I had ever driven but this was mostly a status thing (previous car was a fiesta, mini and fiat panda) as it looked cool and was far faster than anything I had ever owned before. But, when you look at what this car was it was essentially a pretty powerful engine, well balanced chassis and nice gearbox. There were no driver aids, traction control, dynamic buttons etc. It was set up to be decent around town, comfortable on the motorway if a little revvy and a quick, nimble and fun car on the back roads which is where it shone. if you wanted more throttle response you needed to modify the car, louder exhaust you needed to buy one. Stiffer or lower suspension you needed new springs and shocks. You get my point

These days buying a car presents you with a lot of options which, if you don’t add a specific few of them you worry this may compromise your enjoyment of the car.

Sports exhaust, adaptive dampers, various driving modes, etc are all extras but do they do anything? OR, are these all aimed for your increased psychological enjoyment of the car paired with your inner show off?

This is where personal opinion gets dragged into it. Running the car club has many perks but one of them is that I get to drive a huge variety of cars, not only ours but other people’s in the quest to buy fun and exciting cars for the club. Something I discovered recently has caused me to write this article.

We love Porsches in the club and we have a 911 Targa (1985) and 997 C4S, a 997 Carrera and a 2009 Boxster S. All have the fact that they are great driver’s cars in common but they also have something else, they are low spec cars and, in my opinion do not suffer for it.

The Targa is a car I fell in love with after about 3o seconds behind the wheel. It has no driver aids and you need to be quite decisive when driving it as the gearbox is a bit agricultural to say the least. But, it is so much fun you can’t stop smiling.

The 997 C4S is the most popular car in the club and is low spec. It has adaptive dampers because they are standard, and sports seats which are a good option and …… nothing else. To be honest I wouldn’t even waste the extra money on 4WD as it adds weight, makes the boot smaller and definitely doesn’t make the car any more fun to drive. The wide body is a nice bi product of the C4S but you don’t need it and will never be driving fast enough to notice the dynamic difference between this and a Carrera S, or even a Carrera for that matter. We have also recently added a 997 Carrera to the club which demonstrates this point perfectly. It has S wheels and sports seats and is lovely to drive. So, why not buy the base car and add a couple of choice extras such as sports seats and maybe a sports exhaust to make the sound track a bit nicer? It doesn’t improve performance but definitely makes you smile more!

On to the Boxster. This has a 3.4 litre flat six, manual gearbox, traction control, no roof and nothing else. Do I ever feel like I am missing out? Definitely not. It even has the smaller 18″ wheels which I would never choose but after having driven it realise how much more forgiving the car is as a result. I’ve never been a convertible fan but have to say that taking off the roof definitely improves the driving experience from the point of view of sound and also means that your senses are elevated as a result meaning you don’t need to go as quickly to feel immersed in the experience. The gearbox is great, pedals are positioned well and the chassis is superb. Obviously there are downsides to most convertibles that were not made to be convertibles but the Boxster doesn’t suffer from this.

The point of the story is this, don’t get carried away with spec because you feel like a car would be better with the additional equipment. If you are buying a used car and the price is the same then go for it but, there is a lot to be said for simplicity. If you have the opportunity try a basic spec car and work out what it doesn’t have that you really need, then drive a high spec car and look at al the things it has that you either can’t work, don’t understand or make no positive difference to how the car drives.

If you would like to find out for yourself come and drive some of our cars and you will see what I mean when you come back with a big grin on your face!

12 months ago News

Cars and Girls

We hear a lot that it’s a man’s world and this has never been more apparent than when it comes to talking about cars. We know there are a lot of female car lovers out there and we want to know more about what makes you tick. (more…)

1 year ago News

We’ve Changed

Things have changed here at Modern Classics. (more…)

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What makes you smile?

Everyone is different which is what, some say makes the world go round.

At Modern Classics we all have something in common that makes us, in a way the same. Cars and our love of them. All our members are individuals brought together by a common interest or love. But, that doesn’t make us all the same.

If there is one thing we have learnt over the last 6 months it’s that every member of the club has a different reason for joining. Yes they are broadly the same but each person looks at driving in a different way and therefore looks at all the cars in a different way. Here are some examples;

Why you drive:

Some drive to relax, some to escape, some for the exhilaration. Others like cars for status, the noise, the involvement, interaction or to clear their head. Many of us like the thought of finding a car that requires a lot of input to perform. Take a car like this on your favourite road and see if you can make it dance. Well, can you? Others like to drive something really comfortable and arrive relaxed at their destination with minimum stress along the way.

The perfect car:

Lots of us are looking for the perfect car and again, this takes many forms which can be determined by experience in other cars or lack of it, our driving style, mechanical sympathy. The perfect car could be front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. Naturally aspirated or forced induction, long or short wheel base. There is no correct answer as this all depends on you. One may love a Range Rover whilst another dreams of Caterham 7’s

The road:

What is your favourite type of road. Alpine pass, country lane, Autobahn, race track, city streets? People love different types of roads for different reasons but none of us view them simply as something we have to travel down to get where we are going. We, unlike many enjoy the journey rather than the destination.

The experience:

Lots of cars offer a great driving experience but for different reasons. For example a 911 GT3 is a truly exhilarating car to drive fast. Your senses are tingling after a demanding drive in a GT3 and it is exhausting but has a real grin factor. Take a Land Rover green laning and learn what it is like to drive properly off road and you get a great sense of achievement at the end of the day. Again a real grin factor but at 5mph.

Learn to drift a really powerful rear wheel drive car like I did last week and the improvements made over the course of a day, wait for it….. put a grin on your face.

Even driving a Supercar slowly through the middle of London is an experience. People stop, stare and take photos. They assume you are “somebody”. This in its own way is a driving experience. People all drive for different reasons and this is what we try to keep in mind for the car club and our members. Everyone gets a kick out of a different car for a different reason.

So next time you get in touch, even if it is the first time why not try something you would never choose to buy for yourself. After all, isn’t that the point?

Whatever puts a smile on your face, we hope we have the car to help you.

1 year ago News

What a Start!

We started how we mean to go on and everyone is LOVING it….

Modern Classics started out in July this year after we tested the waters (excuse the pun) in May to see how many people thought it was a good idea.

As it happened, quite a lot of you LOVED the idea and so very quickly things escalated from something we thought a few of you might like to something that a lot of you not only like but had been waiting years for. So, very quickly after our initial campaign we were up and running.

By the end of July we had sold over 60% of our Founding Memberships (there are a handful available if you would like one) meaning we could set up the business and buy some cars for our members to use.

The more cars we bought the more people joined us and now we are proud to say we have a diverse collection of 10 cars available to members. We are aiming to have 25 within the next year and have now sold over 90% of our founding memberships.

We are also proud to say that as far as we know we are the only company in the world 100% funded by Superyacht Crew.

As our membership numbers increases so does the number of cars we have as we don’t like to disappoint anyone when they want a car. “What cars next?” you may ask and the answer is simple, you tell us. We have a guide as to what “fits” the club but are always open to suggestions. All our members love cars and so love to give us ideas of what they would like to drive. We like to keep things interesting and so our adverts are normally a good indication of what we are planning to buy next. So, keep watching, or better yet let us know what you would like to see, then you can join us to make sure you get to drive it!

All our members are having the time of their lives driving the cars and being part of a car loving community. We are planning our first road trips, track days and members meetings for late this year and into 2018 which all add to the experience of being part of something so unique. Fancy a run from London to Monaco or Barcelona next year? Yes we thought so. Join us so you can come along.

Becoming popular so quickly has also raised some very interesting questions, the most common ones being “Do I have to be Superyacht Crew to join?” and “When are you getting a Lamborghini?”

The answer to the second question is easy, Never but the first made us think.

The reason we would only allow crew to join is because it is a very small community, everyone knows each other and as a result we are able to check people quite easily before they join which adds a level of security to the club and also limits membership to a controllable group of people. However, this question has come up more and more, so we have decided to extend membership a little broader than crew. This will be in the following ways;

  1. Annual membership. This is £120 per year. You buy points as and when you book a car to cover the points value of the car. Buy as many or few points as you like and, as long as your membership renews each year your points roll over. This membership is open to anyone who knows our Directors or any of our current members.
  2. Prime Membership. A £2600 single payment gives you 1500 points per year for 3 years plus the option to buy additional points at half price. That’s a saving of £1400 (before you buy any points!) Again this is open to anyone who knows us or any of our current members but is limited to 100 people per year.
  3. Founding Membership: A £3500 one off payment gives you 2250 points per year for as long as you have a membership plus half price points and part ownership of the club. There are less than 10 of these left and they are only available to crew.

So far we are all loving what the club is, how it works and the experience our members are having. Our members are having a great time too and we want to make it possible for more people to join us and drive some really special cars.

We have some exciting plans for the future including a number of winter project cars which we will write about in our Blog. We are also making plans to set up in France and Spain by summer next year which we can’t wait to do as both locations will be huge!

In the meantime, we will keep you updated on progress and if you love cars like we do and are coming to the UK soon (or live here) then get in touch and let’s see if we can find you something exciting to drive so we can put a smile on your face like all the people below.

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What’s your type?

As car lovers we have one thing in common but, like with people everyone has a “type”. So, how do you choose? What is your type?

The sports car:

Everyone loves a sports car don’t they? Apparently not. We have this discussion almost on a daily basis but what is one person’s dream is another’s nightmare.

The sports car, or the definition of a sports car splits opinion like nothing else. On one hand you have the hardcore, track ready monster like the Caterham R500’s or Ariel Atoms of the world. These cars are amazing to drive and get the adrenaline going like nothing else but, and there is always a but they aren’t easy to live with or comfortable.

Surely this is the definition of a sports car? No compromises? Well you would have thought so but this is not always the case. Is a sports car about speed, handling, lap times, or all three? A car that sets blistering lap times will generally not be good at much else, like going to Tesco. Is there such a thing as an everyday sports car? Of course there is. Look at BMW M cars, Mercedes AMG, Audi RS and there are lots of cars to choose from that you could go to work in everyday, thrash down a country lane on the way home and take to a track now and again.

Lots of people will look at something like a Lotus Exige as the ultimate sports car whilst others prefer a 911 (and not a GT3) or AMG GT. Each to their own but there is plenty to think about.

What is your ideal?

The luxury car:

The other end of the spectrum completely and something that, as a class is a lot more defined but no less of a mine field.

As drivers we love to drive but is that relevant with a luxury car? Do you want to enjoy the drive or simply arrive feeling good? It’s like the age old Bentley vs. Rolls Royce argument. You drive a Bentley and you are driven in a Rolls. But does the Bentley provide a driving experience? Yes of course, as all cars do but you may remember your Bentley experience for a different reason than your Lotus Exige experience.

The purpose of a luxury car is to provide you with levels of comfort and separation from the outside world that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Therefore is the thrill in the drive or how little of the drive you are involved in?

Let us know your choices

The Q car:

Lots of people don’t know about Q cars. These are named after the Q ships of the 1st World war which were armed merchant ships that sailed undercover to get one up on the German U Boats. A Q car is basically something that looks like an everyday car but performs like a sports car. In my opinion these are great fun as they take many people by surprise.

Good examples of these are the V10 Audi S6, Volvo 850 T5, Mercedes E55, and Jaguar XJ R. All sensible looking salmon cars until you need to get past something in a hurry. They never fail to put a smile on your face as they take most other people by surprise.

The big plus of these cars is that they are very quick and handle well despite being executive cars.

Win, Win?

The rally special:

Now these are a completely different type of car altogether. They came about as a result of homologation during the 80’s. This meant that in order for a manufacturer to be able to enter a car into a race or rally series they had to make a minimum number of road cars. This is where cars we all worship today came from such as the Lancia Integrale, Celica GT-4, Audi Quattro, and more recently Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi EVO’s.

The 80’s and 90’s created a whole new genre of car and, generally speaking if you want to get from A to B quickly these are the cars to do it in. Cars such as the EVO are very flattering and make even average drivers feel like a Rally Legend.

What’s your rally favourite?

The Cruiser:

It’s not all about speed is it? A lot of people like something that is quick but effortless too. Not necessarily the silent luxury car but a proper GT sports car. The Bentley Continental, DB9, S Class coupe. Something that lets you know it has a lot of power but just gets on with things. It’s your 200mph Autobahn cruiser that can handle a stint on the Alpine passes too and fit some bags and other people in comfortably.

They look and sound quick but also have a “driver’s” level of luxury about them too.

The Hot Hatch:

The Hot Hatch was born in the late 70’s with the Golf GTi and has been dominating the driver’s car market ever since. They really are, according to the majority of people the great all rounder. Go to work, do the shopping, transport the family safely and then corner on your door handles when you have a spare moment of “alone time”

Today’s hot hatches are ridiculously capable cars and are also extremely powerful but remember hot hatches were always about delivering thrills from normal looking daily runabouts. There is still as much fun to be had in a Clio Williams as there is in a new Audi RS3.

So remember, it’s not all about the power, maximum speed or 0-60 times. The ultimate drive means something different to everyone and as long as the experience you have leaves a smile on your face then the car has delivered what you wanted it to. Maybe not in the way you expected but then, that’s what memories are made of.

What’s on your list? Get in touch and let’s see if we can make it happen.

2 years ago News

David’s Dirty Secret

One of our founding members has a confession to make. Normally you would tell your wife and family about this in private but David wants to get it off his chest. Before someone gets hurt…..

It was only for a couple of weeks he told himself. He wouldn’t become emotionally attached. He had convinced himself it was a one off thing, purely physical, he deserved it. He was a husband and a father, a good man. He’d worked hard all his life and, in the context of a lifetime it was such a small, insignificant pleasure, not entirely innocent he know, but no one would get hurt. It was just going to be for a couple of weeks.

It was the almost the end of summer. She was German, and no man falls for a German (which of course is ridiculous because if it were true no more Germans would be made) but she wasn’t Italian! That would have been different! A German was a sensible choice. Germans were functional not sexy, they were practical, not intimate. It would be easy, just a couple of weeks and then they’d say good bye. He’d walk away and she’d move on to other men (or women) – such was her line of work

She was professional but not young. She had once been top of her game, an industry landmark one might call her, achieving notoriety to which others perhaps aspired, yet rarely achieved. Now she was older, still very attractive but not as young as the others, but for two weeks she was all his! And what she lacked in youth was overwhelmingly made up for in the purity of her intent. Their time together was wonderful. It seemed a surprising, hidden pleasure lay undiscovered at every corner, even corners he had experienced many times before. It was gripping. He wanted more time with her, every day. He knew it was more than he had intended but he couldn’t stop. He looked for any excuse to feed that desire for that enticing elixir of adrenaline, and yet it seemed never enough. He caught himself looking in the mirror again and again at any opportunity just to catch another glimpse of those delightful, tempting, exquisite curves. He found himself giggling like a school boy for almost no reason at all when they were together and he smiled with such joy when he heard her. His wife even caught him talking to her – he thought he had been alone – but she heard him from outside and tapped on the window and asked if he was OK… He knew he looked guilty but he told her he was just talking to himself. His wife turned and walked away – did she know? Had she guessed? His son noticed the difference – he told his father that he was different, happier – but the father couldn’t explain it to his young son, not really, not yet, one day maybe, he might understand, the father hoped.
But inevitably, all to soon the day came for it to end. He knew it would come. He had prepared himself for it. All would be OK (he lied to himself again) everything would be fine, just back to normal. Life was good before. Perfectly acceptable. Not a problem. Deep down though he knew something would be different. They said goodbye. He smiled as they parted. He wanted to believe she smiled back. He watched her leave, and tried to savour every second until she was around the corner, out of sight, gone, probably forever? Overwhelmingly, suddenly he felt the change and he noticed – everything was tinged with grey.
Winter had come too soon.
A simple little joy had vanished.
The day I said goodbye to……….

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