We’ve Changed

We’ve Changed

Things have changed here at Modern Classics.

We have now been up and running for about 9 months and over that time lots of people have joined and we have done all our testing of cars, procedures and the membership platform.

As a result there have been a few tweaks which means it is now easier than ever for you to join us and make the most of driving our cars.

Another change is that you no longer have to be yacht crew to join. As long as you love cars and driving and have a genuine passion for all things cars then you are welcome.

And finally, no more points system. A lot of you have commented that this is too confusing and why can’t we just pay with money. We listened and so, now you can.

We have three levels of membership which are best suited to three completely different types of user.

  • Want to use a car for a one off special occasion or give the club and a car a try to see whether it is your thing? Then go for the Driver membership. You join FREE, and then can book any car you like, pay for it and drive. Simple as that.
  • If you like the idea of being part of a club and so like the social aspect and will use a car for maybe a few weekends a year and possibly come on a road trip with us, then go for Annual membership. This is £120 per year and you get a 10% discount off all rentals and are eligible to come on road trips too. We will also give you a car club T-shirt and some Rock Jaw Audio Headphones
  • If you are going to be a regular user for the next few years, such as Yacht Crew or someone who comes to the UK for business a few times a year then the Premium membership is the one for you. A £3500 one off payment gets you £2000 credit against rentals every year for 5 years plus an additional 10% off, invitations to any of our events and a Modern Classics T-shirt and a pair of headphones. That’s £11000 worth of car rentals for £3500, which in our world is the bargain of a lifetime!

Our Joining process is something that we have made as easy as possible but, if you are a real car lover you will understand why it is there. Remember, we are not Hertz and we care about our cars. Therefore we don’t want anyone who doesn’t respect what they are driving to join us. So, the joining process is easy but you have to go through it (only once) and be approved to join by us before you can book a car. Filling in the form takes a couple of minutes and Approval takes less than 24 hours. Once you are in you will be a welcome member of the club no matter what type of membership you have. We know true petrol heads will understand this process and our current members, like us are protective of the cars, the club and our growing reputation.

If you love cars, enjoy driving and like us spend your afternoons looking at Autotrader and Pistonheads then join us, tell your friends and come along for the ride.

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