Membership Information

Membership is as a Founding Member (limited memberships available) or a Paying Member and is either by application or invitation;

If you apply you need to meet the following requirements

  1. be over the age of 21
  2. have held a driving license for over 3 years
  3. work on a yacht

Following your application we will ask for a copy of your driving license, proof of address, name of the yacht you work on.

We will then identify you and put your application in front of our Members for approval. Once approved you will become a member.

Invitation works in exactly the same way except that you will be invited to join by either a current member or one of our Members.

Click here to complete a membership request form

There are currently two subscription membership options;

  1. As a Founding Member you pay £3,500 as a one off joining fee and get membership for life. This gives you 2,250 points per calendar year for life.
  2. As a Paying Member you pay £120 per year on an annual subscription basis. This gives you 150 points to start with and you buy additional points as and when you need them. Your points do not expire as long as your subscription renews each year.

Location of cars

All cars will be located in the South East (Kent) about 30 miles north of Gatwick. You can come to us to pick up or we can meet you at the airport or deliver cars to you. Here’s how it works.

  • Collection from us is free but must be arranged in advance when making the booking. This is free and upon booking we will give you the address to come to for a pick up.
  • Delivery to airports is charged as follows:
    • Gatwick: £60
    • Heathrow: £90
    • Stansted: £120
    • Luton: £150
  • If you would like the cars delivered to your home we will bring it to you on a trailer. This is charged at £1 per mile for the round trip. For example, if you like 200 miles away this will cost £400. To be picked up again will be the same.
  • We also have a base in Lancashire and cars can be picked up / dropped off there too if you give us enough notice (more than one month).