1. Definitions
  • In this agreement, the following words shall have the following meanings:
  • Car(s)’ means the car(s) and/or motorbike(s) which the Club may from time to time purchase for use by the members of the Club.
  • Clause(s)’ means a clause in this agreement.
  • Director’ means the individual(s) as may be appointed as director(s) of the Club.
  • Guest(s)’ means anyone from time to time using a Car with the permission of the Member.
  • Joining Fee’ means the fee set out in Clause1.
  • Parties’ means both the Member and the Club.
  • Custody Period’ means the period during which a Car is in the custody of the Member, irrespective of whether any Guest may also be using that Car.
  • Price’ means the medium of exchange set in Clause 3.
  • Profit’ means the net profit made by the Club in the preceding accounting year, following payment of all applicable taxes.
  • Share(s)’ means a share in the share capital of the Club.
  1. Joining Fee
  • The Joining Fee shall be:
      • £3500 which the Premium member shall pay to the Club’s account as soon as possible following the signing of this agreement by the Member
      • £120, which the Annual Member shall pay to the Club’s account as soon as possible following the signing of this agreement by the Member.
      • Free for Driver Members. Sign up and agreement to terms and conditions is required
  • Premium Membership is a one off payment and Annual membership is on a recurring subscription basis.
  1. Credit and discount
  • Following receipt by the Club of the Joining Fee, the Member shall receive from the Club:
    • £2000 credit per membership year to be redeemed against rentals of club cars (Premium members) plus a 10% discount off advertised pricing.
    • 10% discount off advertised pricing (Annual members)
    • Discounts will be applied by way of a discount code linked to your membership
  • The Member shall also receive from the Club invites to join us on our road trips or special events we create. (charged extra)
  1. Owning Cars
  • The Club owns all of the cars and will arrange for the adequate storage, insurance, servicing and maintenance of the Cars.
  1. Selling Cars
  • The Club may sell Cars when, in the opinion of the Directors, either:
  • A Car has increased in value by 10% to 25% more than the Club paid for that Car; or
  • A Car has decreased in value by 25% to 40% less than the Club paid for that Car.
  • Cars shall be offered for sale, by the Club, to the following parties, in turn, who shall have an option to purchase those Cars on a first-come-first-served basis:
  • Founding Members of the Club; then
  • Premium members
  • Annual members of the Club; then
  • Any other party.
  • If required in the opinion of the Director, Cars may be sold at any reasonable price.
  1. Use
  • Cars are available to the Members for use, subject to:
  • Any prior booking.
  • The need to service, maintain and repair the Cars.
  • The need to make the Cars available for inspection by any purchaser or valuer.
  • The remainder of this agreement.
  • Cars may only be kept and driven by the Member within the United Kingdom, unless the Club has permitted otherwise in writing.
  1. Booking
  • Subject to the Member’s payment or credit balance, the Member may use any Car, having requested use of the same and booked in advance. Credit where applicable in respect of which shall be deducted from the Member’s Points
  1. Delivery & Collection
  • Cars shall normally be located (for collection) in Sevenoaks, Kent or (by previous arrangement) in Lytham, Lancashire.
  • On request by the Member, the Club shall deliver and/or collect Cars to and from any point within the mainland of the Great Britain, at any time to suit the Member, for a fee of £1.00 per mile, payable in advance of the start of the Custody Period, which fee may be subject to an increase on 1 January each calendar year, at the discretion of the Director, to take account of inflation and fuel costs.
  • At the end of every Custody Period, the Member shall report any unusual noises, vibrations, faults and warning light illuminations in respect of the Car to the Club.
  1. Fuel
  • The Club shall ensure that the Car has sufficient fuel in its tank at the start of every Custody Period.
  • The Member shall ensure that the Car has an equal or greater amount in the fuel tank at the end of every Custody Period.
  • If the car needs to be fuelled we will charge you the forecourt rate + £0.20 per litre +VAT to bring it to the required level.
  1. Drivers
  • Subject to this agreement, the Cars may be kept or driven only by the Member for the duration of the Custody Period.
  • Guests may only drive the Cars with the written permission of the Club.
  1. Insurance
  • Subject to Clause2, the Cars will be insured against first (including fire and theft) and third party risks, while the Cars are being kept or driven by the Member.
  • Insurance restrictions will apply where the Member is under 21 years of age. Our insurance policy will not cover any driver under the age of 21 to drive any club cars. The majority of our cars require the driver to be over 25 and so please check the minimum age for the car you would like to drive before booking it.
  • Insurance restrictions will apply where theMember has held their license for less than 3 years or has more than 3 penalty points on their license at the start of the Custody Period. This may mean that the Club cannot make certain Cars available to that Member.
  • Insurance restrictions will apply where the Member is under 25 years of age in respect of certain higher powered or valuable Cars.
  • The excess in respect of all first party insurances shall be £2,000.
  • The Member must ensure that an insurance excess policy has been incepted in respect of themselves, and must be able to produce a policy in respect to the Club on demand by the Club. The club’s insurance company offers this for £150 per year.
  • Alternatively the Club will pre authorize a £2000 deposit at the start of any rental period.
  1. Damage
  • Claims will only be made by the Club in respect of insurance policies in effect in respect of the Cars where the cost of repairing any damage is, in the opinion of the Director, greater than £2,000.
  • If a car is crashed by a member and deemed to be a total loss (insurance write off) the club will claim from the member’s excess policy (or deposit) (clause 12.6) after which point the member’s membership will be terminated except in the case of a non fault accident.
  • Members are responsible for the first £2000 cost of any damage caused to the car whilst it is in their custody. (see clause 13 above) This includes but is not limited to; wheel and/ or tyre damage, scratches, dents to the paintwork, cracked or broken glass, missing trim pieces, damage or tears to the interior trim. Leaks, spillages, evidence of smoking or excessive dirt will incur a £300 cleaning fee. We don’t expect the cars to come back like new but evidence of mis treatment will be penalised.
  • Mis-fuelling and punctures. These are the total responsibility of the driver. If you misfuel a car, inform us immediately and DO NOT attempt to drive it. You must then have the tank drained and follow the advice of the company that does it. The car must be returned to us in full working order. If you get a puncture it is your responsibility to repair or replace the tyre. Most cars do not have spare tyres and so the car will need to be recovered in order to be fixed (see clause 15 below)
  1. Breakdown
    • The Cars shall be insured in respect of recovery in the event of a breakdown.
    • In the event of a breakdown of a Car during the Custody Period, the Member will be provided with a replacement car by RAC (and after 48 hours by the club), but this may not be of the same make, model or specification as the broken-down Car.
    • If your car cannot be fixed and we are unable to provide a replacement we will refund the cost of the rental less the days already used.
    • The club will not take responsibility for any other costs associated with the breakdown of a club car.
  • The Club shall not be responsible of any loss or inconvenience arising from any breakdown of a Car.