What a Start!

What a Start!

We started how we mean to go on and everyone is LOVING it….

Modern Classics started out in July this year after we tested the waters (excuse the pun) in May to see how many people thought it was a good idea.

As it happened, quite a lot of you LOVED the idea and so very quickly things escalated from something we thought a few of you might like to something that a lot of you not only like but had been waiting years for. So, very quickly after our initial campaign we were up and running.

By the end of July we had sold over 60% of our Founding Memberships (there are a handful available if you would like one) meaning we could set up the business and buy some cars for our members to use.

The more cars we bought the more people joined us and now we are proud to say we have a diverse collection of 10 cars available to members. We are aiming to have 25 within the next year and have now sold over 90% of our founding memberships.

We are also proud to say that as far as we know we are the only company in the world 100% funded by Superyacht Crew.

As our membership numbers increases so does the number of cars we have as we don’t like to disappoint anyone when they want a car. “What cars next?” you may ask and the answer is simple, you tell us. We have a guide as to what “fits” the club but are always open to suggestions. All our members love cars and so love to give us ideas of what they would like to drive. We like to keep things interesting and so our adverts are normally a good indication of what we are planning to buy next. So, keep watching, or better yet let us know what you would like to see, then you can join us to make sure you get to drive it!

All our members are having the time of their lives driving the cars and being part of a car loving community. We are planning our first road trips, track days and members meetings for late this year and into 2018 which all add to the experience of being part of something so unique. Fancy a run from London to Monaco or Barcelona next year? Yes we thought so. Join us so you can come along.

Becoming popular so quickly has also raised some very interesting questions, the most common ones being “Do I have to be Superyacht Crew to join?” and “When are you getting a Lamborghini?”

The answer to the second question is easy, Never but the first made us think.

The reason we would only allow crew to join is because it is a very small community, everyone knows each other and as a result we are able to check people quite easily before they join which adds a level of security to the club and also limits membership to a controllable group of people. However, this question has come up more and more, so we have decided to extend membership a little broader than crew. This will be in the following ways;

  1. Annual membership. This is £120 per year. You buy points as and when you book a car to cover the points value of the car. Buy as many or few points as you like and, as long as your membership renews each year your points roll over. This membership is open to anyone who knows our Directors or any of our current members.
  2. Prime Membership. A £2600 single payment gives you 1500 points per year for 3 years plus the option to buy additional points at half price. That’s a saving of £1400 (before you buy any points!) Again this is open to anyone who knows us or any of our current members but is limited to 100 people per year.
  3. Founding Membership: A £3500 one off payment gives you 2250 points per year for as long as you have a membership plus half price points and part ownership of the club. There are less than 10 of these left and they are only available to crew.

So far we are all loving what the club is, how it works and the experience our members are having. Our members are having a great time too and we want to make it possible for more people to join us and drive some really special cars.

We have some exciting plans for the future including a number of winter project cars which we will write about in our Blog. We are also making plans to set up in France and Spain by summer next year which we can’t wait to do as both locations will be huge!

In the meantime, we will keep you updated on progress and if you love cars like we do and are coming to the UK soon (or live here) then get in touch and let’s see if we can find you something exciting to drive so we can put a smile on your face like all the people below.

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