Car Sales

Here at Modern Classics we have become pretty successful at car sales even if we say so ourselves. Every car that leaves us has been through a thorough inspection. Any work that needs doing from cosmetic to electrics and mechanical will have been done. We also pride ourselves on the fact that all our mechanical work is done in house by our very experienced team. So, if you buy a car from Modern classics you can be sure that it has been serviced and MOT’d before you collect it. This means you won’t have to worry about any maintenance for quite some time. Have a look here or on our eBay page to see what we have for sale at the moment.

If you are thinking of selling your car please get in touch. We will either buy your car outright or, if it is a high value car we will sell the car on your behalf. This is often helpful for private sellers;

  • It avoids you having to answer calls and also show strangers round your car at home
  • Most cars sold in the UK over £20,000 are financed. Therefore, by letting us sell the car for you we can offer finance to any buyers. This helps to sell the car more quickly.

Get in touch here if you would like to discuss further.

Car Sourcing.

Lots of people struggle to find the perfect car for their needs. Some people are not even sure what the perfect car for their needs is! Whether you are looking for the most economical commuter car ever, your son or daughter’s first car, or your dream sports car, we can help.

How does car sourcing work?

In short, you tell us what you want to use the car for and we find it. Obviously this is your car so the more you tell us the more suitable it will be. Things like;

  • Colours you like or don’t like
  • Must haves like DAB, Four wheel drive, leather seats for example. Or even a towbar or sunroof. It all matters
  • Is there something it must be able to do?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?
  • Annual running costs and reliability are always important

Once we have as much information as you can give us we can then work out what may be suitable for you and then make a start on the search. We normally find you the right car within a few days unless it is something very rare so you won’t have to wait long.

Once we find something we will send you all the information we possibly can about the car. Mileage, age, service history, specification, extras etc. If you like it, we will then inspect it, ensure it is as described and then take a deposit from you and collect the car.

Once we have the car back at the workshop it will receive a thorough and very detailed inspection. This includes;

  • Engine and gearbox
  • Bodywork
  • Fuel system
  • Brakes and tyres
  • Lights
  • Exhaust
  • Interior

If the car has any faults they will be fixed, this includes any cosmetic repairs, replacement tyres, brakes etc. The car will then be serviced and MOT’d and will be ready to collect in perfect condition for you to enjoy. There is no additional charge for this service, the price we quote is the price for you to buy the car ready to enjoy.

If you like the sound of this truly hassle free buying experience then contact us now and we can make a start on finding you your perfect car!