Project cars?

We fiddle with our cars because we love cars and feel there is always an improvement to be made, no matter what the base car is. We also have a workshop and a supremely talented mechanic so why wouldn’t you?

Most other people get to a point in their life when they just want something special or unique. We’ve all done it, spending hours on eBay looking for a step side truck, Land Rover defender or VW beetle that we can “make our own”

But what do you do when you’ve got it? Some people are handy enough to be able to work on these cars themselves but most of us mere mortals end up with a car sitting in the corner or blocking the driveway. 10 years later and still nothing has happened. So what do you do? You can’t sell it as that would mean admitting defeat. You can’t fix it up yourself as you don’t have the time and, let’s be honest the skill.

Bring it to us

Get in touch. There is no point your car sitting on the drive, miserably wishing it was something that worked and reminding you every day of what could have been. Give us a call or send us an email and some photos and we can have a look at what needs to be done to make your dream a reality.

What can we do?

In a nutshell, anything. As much or as little as you like or your car needs. We can fix problems and keep cars original or we can make some improvements and give an older car a bit of a refresh. For example:

  • Welding, structural repairs, bodywork, paintwork
  • Chassis, suspension, wheels, brakes
  • Engine, Carbs/ injection system/ fuel system
  • interior repairs, re-trimming,

No matter what it takes, a few tweaks or a major rebuild we will happily take your project on and work to your budget and timescale.

What type of cars do you take on as “projects”?

Anything at all. Old or modern, barn finds or just your old garage queen that needs smartening up before spring. Give us a call and we will go through your job list with you. Then we will come and collect your car, inspect it, put a list together or things it needs to run, drive and pass its MOT. Then we can look at niceties it could do with but aren’t essential. Follow this with any special requests from you and we will price it up. You then decide what you want us to do and we will take it from there.


If this all sounds interesting to you and you have a car that you would like us to work on then get in touch.

Or, if you don’t even have the car yet then why not combine this with our car sourcing service and we can do the whole lot for you.