Modern Classics is a Car Rental Company specifically for people who love older or special cars but don’t like the running costs, insurance and servicing that comes with them. Want to experience a special car you have always loved, or just want to try something different from the normal rental cars?…. Look no further.

Our cars are, well …. Modern Classics. Cars from the 80’s 90’s and early 00’s which as well as being cool or iconic are also cars which are increasing in value due to them reaching classic status.

Not too old to be a liability or boring to drive but not too new to be like everything else on the road!

We pride ourselves on having a varied fleet and try to mix things up a bit to make sure there is something for everyone. We have sports cars, GT cars, convertibles and fun cars, things that will put a smile on your face and other peoples’.

All the pictures of cars you see on the site are ours and therefore you can drive them. The cars change every 6 months or so and the more drivers we have the more cars we buy. We also love to hear suggestions of what you would like to drive so get in touch or join our Facebook group.

All the cars available for a minimum of 2 day rental. If you are looking to take one of our cars for a week or more please get in touch to see what discount we can offer.