Just a few words to express my sincere thanks to you and all at MCCC for your help in my son Dan’s surprise gift of the Aston Vantage to me for our 7 day Scottish Highlands’ Dad’s & Lad’s trip. He had convinced me that he had hired a Fiesta for the trip and the plot thickened at Glasgow airport. You picked us up and on arrival at MCCC base asked me to inspect a similar car whilst you went to fetch the paper work to sign. As we looked over the car I heard the approaching burble of a V8, I looked up to see the Vantage turn the corner and mentioned to my son that it would be nice if that was the car we could do the trip in.


The Vantage stopped and you hopped out and my son said, it is Dad. The surprise was complete.

The trip proved to be perfect and was greatly enhanced by the Aston. It will live in my memory for ever.


Thank you.


P.S.  Thanks also Craig for the Coffee and Bacon sandwich which helped me get over the shock.


Our very Best Regards to you and the gang at MCCC.


Barry & Daniel Anderson