This was the second car I had out from Modern Classics and I was lucky enough to have her for 3 weeks this summer while the weather was at its best. She is just as pretty as you would expect with curves in all the right places. As I drove her away for the first time, the view in the wing mirror was an absolute delight. The hips are just spot on! What I didn’t realise was quite how wide the car actually was! These wide hips sit approximately 6 inches wider than the front and it wasn’t until I was putting her in the garage that I noticed. But as I said earlier, these hips make for one hell of a view.

Coming on to driving the car. The 3.8 litre naturally aspirated engine makes for a cracking day out! It has all the power you want, just when you want it. What makes it even more pleasurable is the driving position. I know that may sound like a minor thing but trust me, in comparison to an Aston, I felt so much more in control of this car. I felt immediately like I could control the car, exactly as I wanted through each corner, just based on the driving position and grip on the road. I had never recognised the importance of driving position until getting in a Porsche but for me it was spot on.

Overall, another great car by Modern Classics. Would happily drive again!