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Everyone is different which is what, some say makes the world go round.

At Modern Classics we all have something in common that makes us, in a way the same. Cars and our love of them. All our members are individuals brought together by a common interest or love. But, that doesn’t make us all the same.

If there is one thing we have learnt over the last 6 months it’s that every member of the club has a different reason for joining. Yes they are broadly the same but each person looks at driving in a different way and therefore looks at all the cars in a different way. Here are some examples;

Why you drive:

Some drive to relax, some to escape, some for the exhilaration. Others like cars for status, the noise, the involvement, interaction or to clear their head. Many of us like the thought of finding a car that requires a lot of input to perform. Take a car like this on your favourite road and see if you can make it dance. Well, can you? Others like to drive something really comfortable and arrive relaxed at their destination with minimum stress along the way.

The perfect car:

Lots of us are looking for the perfect car and again, this takes many forms which can be determined by experience in other cars or lack of it, our driving style, mechanical sympathy. The perfect car could be front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. Naturally aspirated or forced induction, long or short wheel base. There is no correct answer as this all depends on you. One may love a Range Rover whilst another dreams of Caterham 7’s

The road:

What is your favourite type of road. Alpine pass, country lane, Autobahn, race track, city streets? People love different types of roads for different reasons but none of us view them simply as something we have to travel down to get where we are going. We, unlike many enjoy the journey rather than the destination.

The experience:

Lots of cars offer a great driving experience but for different reasons. For example a 911 GT3 is a truly exhilarating car to drive fast. Your senses are tingling after a demanding drive in a GT3 and it is exhausting but has a real grin factor. Take a Land Rover green laning and learn what it is like to drive properly off road and you get a great sense of achievement at the end of the day. Again a real grin factor but at 5mph.

Learn to drift a really powerful rear wheel drive car like I did last week and the improvements made over the course of a day, wait for it….. put a grin on your face.

Even driving a Supercar slowly through the middle of London is an experience. People stop, stare and take photos. They assume you are “somebody”. This in its own way is a driving experience. People all drive for different reasons and this is what we try to keep in mind for the car club and our members. Everyone gets a kick out of a different car for a different reason.

So next time you get in touch, even if it is the first time why not try something you would never choose to buy for yourself. After all, isn’t that the point?

Whatever puts a smile on your face, we hope we have the car to help you.