Below you can read comments from some of our members who have rented cars through us. We asked some of them to tell us about their experience with Modern Classics.

I have rented 2 vehicles since being part of the club and both times have been absolutely great.

In October 2017 I rented the Porsche 911 1985 Carrera Targa, I was picking it up from the location in Kent. I was picked up from the local train station and showed around the car and how everything worked and off I went. A great 3 weeks, roof off as soon as the sun was out, great head turner, original air cooled straight 6 engine. No issues at all.

In April 2018 we flew back to the UK for a 6 day visit for a friends wedding. We felt like rockstars when we were met by Mark (the owner of the company) and he handed over the keys to the Porsche 911 997 in Gatwick arrivals!! Bags in the car and off we went, a great week with the car especially arriving to the wedding in our wedding outfits!! The 997 is the perfect car for every occasion, drive it to the shop, take it for a nice Sunday drive or occasionally open it up on an empty road and make use of the amazing handling. It’s a no brainer to rent a car from Modern Classics Car Club because of the price and the cars you can rent, why rent a Nissan Micra when you can rent a Bentley Continental GT? I am a very happy member and cannot wait to get home to sample another of the many cars they have in their garage.

Nathan – Porsche 911 1985 Carrera Targa

Having joined MCCC for a year now I’ve been lucky enough to drive some really special cars, so far the latest one being the most unbelievable in terms of luxury and damn right ostentatious, the Bentley Continental GT. I drove it every day I had it through British countryside, town roads and on long motorway journeys and it was effortless easy driving drawing interest from friends and locals I’d never spoken to before.

I’d recommend the car club to anyone with an interest in performance cars and who enjoy to just drive.

Jonny – Bentley Continental GT

Flying in to Gatwick after a 6 month summer season is normally a great feeling, but knowing I had a Bentley Continental waiting for me made the experience such more more enjoyable. I was met by Mark who took me back and went through the car before heading home. Wow, what a car, driving home I have a smile from ear to ear. Its such an incredible machine I just couldn’t stop driving it, from motorways to country lanes, it left me always wanting more. Modern Classics has made renting a car so much more than just renting a car, no more Polo’s or Golfs for me, I would much rather drive a Bentley or Porsche. Cant wait for my next trip home to have something special again. Thanks for such a cool concept.

Ollie – Bentley Continental GT

This was the first car I had out from Modern Classics and what a treat it was!  I was truly surprised by the Bentley.  Mainly by the speed but also by the build quality.   She is an extraordinarily large car that when asked, will absolutely shift!  The 6.0 litre engine starts up on the button with a beautiful purr. The interior is classy with the walnut dash and cream leather but it’s the finishing touches that make all the difference. From the solid metal vent switches to the double-glazed windows, it really is a magnificent car.  Many may whinge at how thirsty the 6.0 engine is but I would say, no one drives one of these for fuel economy. Just get on and enjoy it!

I hadn’t expected to like it as much as I did, partly because these cars have always been, in my mind, footballers cars.  Do not make that mistake.  This car, albeit owned by one or two footballers, are the genuine article. I would gladly drive this again and on that bombshell, I’ll be booking her out again this summer!

James – Bentley Continental GT

This was the second car I had out from Modern Classics and I was lucky enough to have her for 3 weeks this summer while the weather was at its best.  She is just as pretty as you would expect with curves in all the right places.  As I drove her away for the first time, the view in the wing mirror was an absolute delight. The hips are just spot on!  What I didn’t realise was quite how wide the car actually was!  These wide hips sit approximately 6 inches wider than the front and it wasn’t until I was putting her in the garage that I noticed.  But as I said earlier, these hips make for one hell of a view.

Coming on to driving the car.  The 3.8 litre naturally aspirated engine makes for a cracking day out!  It has all the power you want, just when you want it. What makes it even more pleasurable is the driving position. I know that may sound like a minor thing but trust me, in comparison to an Aston, I felt so much more in control of this car. I felt immediately like I could control the car, exactly as I wanted through each corner, just based on the driving position and grip on the road.  I had never recognised the importance of driving position until getting in a Porsche but for me it was spot on.

Overall, another great car by Modern Classics. Would happily drive again!

James – Porsche 911

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